Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords are two ways which make products known to the public. These ways are cheaper than tradictional advertisement, howerver the cost of marketing stradegies is worth considering. If you want to choose these ways, you should consider it very important to have suitalbe finance plan. If you want to get high position on the internet market, chosing Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords are the best way? Any others help companies get a high position on the internet market?

Besides using Google Adwords and Facebool Adwords, a lot of shop owners concentrade on SEO content (Search Engine Optimitation). What is SEO? How does SEO content help companies?

Chuyên đề SEO

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1. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords

Buying Google Adwords and Facebook package, these ways help shop owners’ website appears on the first Google page, therefore, your products are known to the public. Of course buying Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords, your websites have high position and vice versa. You have to spend a lot of money on using Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords package.

2. Seo Friendly Content Is The Firm Long Term

Web content writing is better than other ways. What seo is it? Seoers are writing content for websites the content information of which is not only useful but also attractive end users. Each SEO content includes main keywords which help people find right information so that your websites have chance appearing on the first Google page. 

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                     Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords bring your advertisement to the customers within 5 minutes but SEO. All seoers create SEO effective content and wait Google’s machince cheking the quality of them and attitude of end users.

A good
SEO content not only includes main keywords, key phrases and long keywords, one of them appears on the tittles, subtitles and headlines but also brings userful information. Having deeply knowledge, the content writer just suppliers good information to the users.  To get users’ interesting and Google’s attention, your websites have to post SEO content writing every day during 6 months and create friendly content writing and variety of topics at the same time.     

Chuyên đề SEO

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It is very important that test the quality of your webiste is users’ time access to your website. If your content websites have useful information, your websites spread a lot of users on the internet. The more people access, the higher websites have. To write effectively content is the best way help your websites receive Google’s attention.

How much money do you spend on web content writing? People’s question is how much they spend on Facebook Adwords and Gooogle Adwords. Is the cost of content writing cheaper than cost of Facebook Adwords And Google Adwords? When shop owners’ websites both get high position on Google page and receive orders from end users are their concern. Of course the cost of SEO friendly content is cheaper than cost google adwords. However, using SEO content writing not only pay money every month but also wait within 6 months that they receive the result but Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords. How can they feel secure about future?

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Shop owners have survey perfect SEO article service before they hire SEO content services. There are some companies letting their employees enroll the SEO click courses then they write their SEO content and others rent SEO content services. If they write SEO friendly content for themselves, they can save their money and vice versa. Whether to hire SEO content writing or write their SEO article, the shop onwers’ will have results after 6 months. Hiring SEO content writing services, not only will they get high position on the first Google page but also will they have effective SEO content.

However, the shop owners’ problem is how they can test the quality of SEO content service and how much money they can pay. Famous SEO content writing service is so expensive that website owner do not have enough money to pay for them. If rent normal service, the shop owner do not believe in them, nevertheless, owner of website can require normal content writer
writing SEO content send their result before to you.

Chuyên đề SEO

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The fact that not only is new service better but new service is also zealous in order to compete with bigger others. If you are affaird of a new service, new service will not have chance to survive. As you see, full of hardship as Facebook’s jouney, they managed to become the first social network in the world. Facebook have had big client on the internet marketing and they are competing with Google’s Advertisement service.

3. When do we buy Google Adversitiment and Facebook Adversitiment package?

Both Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords bring a lot of benefits for companies and users thus, Google and Facebook Advertisement, I think, make new products known to the publulc faster than SEO content. In my part, SEO content writing is the long term. If you connect SEO content and Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords together, you will have great turnover in your marketing strategies.