There are so many students who study marketing, business administrator graduating from university in Vietnam, however, I wonder how many people will get success in their careers or become sucessful businessmen. The fact how many businessmen study marketing, business administrator major?

Marketing online and marketing offline are developing sharply, therefore, marketing training centres are spring up like mushrooms. Watching a lot of trailers of training courses or reading advertivement of commerce courses, attending of marketing seminars, i see that those tips are similar and old. It’s easy for everyone to find those techniques on the internet. The questions are how trainers’ experience are. Do  trainers have enough experience and ability to train everyone selling skills? Some of them are good, other are not good enough. They can attract fresh business person who don’t have any knowledge about commerce. The fact that marketing is a creative job the requirement of which is keen thinking and active brain.

What is marketing? In my opinion, marketing means selling including adversting and other services. There are two kinds of marketing including marketing online and marketing offline.

Marketers not only learn by heart the tips, techniques but also have soft skills like comunication, negotiation…. as the result they can sell their products. The tips which are gotten from the marketing course are general rules, therefore, without being self-motivated, the marketers don’t get target in their job.

I shared my concern with my friend who runs her own company, she said “ all most marketers have exaggerated their products and boast their name at the same time. We could check their abilities until we let them run directly the company and give them target. Without being surprised, I would rent marketers. Let them popularize the products to everyone is right and we should call them Public relation. Suddently, how we can test the quality of the marketing training service is my concern.

There are so many people enrolling commerce courses when they have plan business because they hope that marketing courses help them solve their problems. In my opinion, having a plan business, you should find and read business books and then run your projects. You face difficult in your project when you run your own business at that time, you enroll the marketing courses in which you receive good solution and helpful advices from good marketers.

I suppose that good marketers go through so many real tasks making them try their best power and getting a lot of experience, as a result their tips are real.  If they don’t enough real experience, their words are theories. The theories don’t have enough to attract old business except green business.

Moreover, effectively marketing strategies not only depend on where you study or who your teachers are but also depend on the current situation in your company. Marketing courses only support to everyone the general formulas, therefore, you can’t apply all those things in your business plan.

How we can test the marketer’s abilities. It is difficult to find a great marketer. How many marketers do they give their sucessful marketing strategies and commit the turnover. I just remind  the quote, like “most of teachers, professors and doctors aren’t rich beause they only share their theories” I’m not sure I can write exactly it.