Ms.Nguyễn Ngọc Non

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Ms.Nguyễn Ngọc Non

CEO - Founder


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Why have I chosen this job?
I’m like language’s debtor. I not only feel happy when I find out a new idea but also when I know how to link letters together. When I lie down at night and think, writing is all that comes to mind. The best thing about my writing is that I write ideas that appear in my mind. My job is to find new ideas and put the words together in sentences that make sense. That is the reason why I chose this job.
If you are looking for professional writing services including SEO content for websitesautobiographies, fun stories, short stories, thesisEnglish, Chinese, and Japanese-Vietnamese translation services… then please contact me.

Phone/Zalo/Viber: 09 09 21 83 46