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1. Home

Our IT team are willing to solve any challenges, work overnight, face different software design fields because they have worked for different kinds of software companies over the world. Full of experience in software designs, we are able to create many kinds of software.  

           High quality of security
           Running smoothly
           Synchronizing quickly
           Streamline project management processes
Our opinion
            The latest products are not only high quality but also more precise

          The turnover that clients’ companies can get per month is matter to us when you use our services. Thus, we always offer the best cost to our clients
          Not only do we  try to understand our client’s idea but also do we try to listen to them carefully each word
           With much exprecience in rapid agile development, our customers can see completely what’s happening.

2. About us

Being short of IT staff as well as human resources often result in the high risks of making mistakens while designing software or any enterprise operating application and mobile field. This can be considered as a root cause of software errors in the business, which dramatically affects over running commerce.

As a business director, you would need the leading cutting-edge technologies to manage your system smoothly. Midota will fulfill your needs. We are one great team stemming from the Vietnamese and Japanese IT experts whose creative minds and passion in technology would never have not the limit. Our principles are to create the most secure advanced products, to enhance your value and to be one of the best software supplying companies not only in Vietnam but all over the world.

Our services include:

           Softwares creating and testing
           Providing IT professional  personnel
           Technological consulting

 We are also a promising land in:

            Working with the experienced IT teams
            Sharing your managing burden
            Saving expenditures as possible
            Enjoying the latest versions/ changes in the technological field

3. Service

3.1 Out sourcing

        – Streamlining the managing system and saving the operating costs are all the needs of enterprises. Outsourcing is the most optimal and economical solution. Midota accomplishes it for you. We absolutely guarantee product quality as well as project timeline.

3.2 Testing

There could have enormous variety of defects in software development. They could be accessing denial, a lack of necessary features, unsatisfied searching speed, slow rate of progress, limitedly spreading level, files releasing in troubles .ect

Midota’s skillful  IT engineers can definitely detect the technical errors of products before launching, propose the solution as well as handle all problems in due time.

3.3 Product

All business, huge or tiny, cannot run their systems fluently without possessing commercial applications, mobile apps, testing softwares. However, using the technological products of low quality can cause consequences in financial supervising, data processing and even users’s uncomfortable experience. For those reasons, we, Midota team, commit producing the qualified items along with working accurately, updating quickly and highly synchronized files. In addition, we indispensably ensure a rational suggestion in the cost.

3.4. Consulting

We are having the over 10 year well- trained consultants in this field who have experience working with the multinational corporations for many years. Hereby, they can help you solving hindrances, offer the best methods based on the private condition of every single business, fully understand market and development trends in emerging techlnology areas. In the end, we will fulfill your desires.

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